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74 min
Online: FRI 8.3., 19:00 / online available for 48 hours
Cinema: THU 7.3., 17:00 + Q&A / METRO Kino, Historischer Saal
SAT 9.3., 15:00 / METRO Kino, Pleskow Saal

The blink of an eye, a broken heart, an irritated scalp, a tiny mole. In this program we journey to different corners of the body and encounter stories of fears, insecurities and self-consciousness, but also of exploration, transformation and self-determination. The bodies we meet in this program expand, fragment, are squeezed into bathing suits, merge with others, get carried away, and start resembling landscapes. Yet, collectively they become territories for self-discovery and liberation.


Çağıl Harmandar, 2023, JP, 7 minutes

Tokyo University of the Arts

Eyes are magical spheres that make up dreams and retain memories. In our eyes, the visions of the within and of the beyond overlap. New worlds come to be when our gazes meet.


Xu Yuan, 2023, JP, 9 minutes

Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design

The expression of emotional desire called love. Two characters melt into each other, a perfect dance. When one forcefully absorbs the other, chaos unfolds.


Cléane Ambry, 2023, FR, 6 minutes

EMCA Angoulême

Eve has always been scared of the dark. When night falls, she recreates artificial daylight at home and keeps herself busy to eventually find sleep. Yet even when she finally sleeps, the night follows her in her dreams.


Chenxi Zhang, 2023, US-alt-short, 6 minutes

CalArts - California Institute of the Arts

Mom always braided my hair so tautly. One day, she cut off my braids. Occasionally, I feel a gentle yet profound tug. On the top of my head I touch our unbreakable bond and the journey of female growth we were unprepared to face.


Andrea Muñoz Álvarez, 2023, CO, 12 minutes

While asleep, a woman is dragged from her town by a huge dark mass and taken to the meadow of a group of wild women. In the strangeness of the untamed, she’ll find herself awake.


Yanchen Wu, 2023, GB, 3 minutes

Royal College of Art, Postgraduate Art & Design

A chance conversation recorded by the director in between interviews, in which four women talk calmly about their state of being. The rabbit is a constant point of reference and a metaphor for the distrust of marriage and choice.


Bianca Scali, 2023, DE, 11 minutes

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

In a clinical setting, Maya undergoes a thorough skin examination, baring every inch for scrutiny. After uncovering a suspicious birthmark, she is confronted with her anxieties about surgery and control over her own body. Will she ever feel whole again?


Rotem Dash, 2022, IL, 5 minutes

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Wandering through a landscape of giant body parts, a woman journeys into her dark inner fantasies. This process leads her towards discovery, liberation, and self-love.


Pepi Eirew, 2023, US-alt-short, 5 minutes

CalArts - California Institute of the Arts

A young girl finds family from an ancestry website and travels to meet them. A quirky take on the very real joys and pitfalls of DNA disclosure.


Elina Huber, Noémi Knobil, Jill Vágner, Sven Bachmann, 2023, CH, 5 minutes

Lucerne School of Arts and Design

After stepping sock first into a puddle under her fridge, Jeanie realizes that her freezer is completely frozen over. While hacking at the ice, items in her fridge also gradually come to life, reminding her to face her fears.


Isabel Santos, 2022, US-alt-short, 5 minutes

CalArts - California Institute of the Arts

At swim practice, a girl is confronted with her changing body while being bombarded by the whistling of her eccentric coach, the burden of God’s watchful eye, the majesty of the older swimmers and naughty recordings on her teammate’s mobile phone.