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THU 7 - SUN 10 March



Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Wien

Thu 7 March, Fri 8 March 17:00–21:00
Sat 9 March, Sun 10 March 15:00–21:00

Virtual Reality transports viewers in digital worlds, opening up new forms and possibilities for animation beyond the cinema screen. Together with XR Vienna (a community focused on immersive technologies), we present the very diverse VR experiences that can be seen on the mezzanine floor of METRO Kino during the festival. It is interesting to note that the selected entries have very different production backgrounds, ranging from works made by a single artist to relatively large productions.

selected VR works:

Angel VR

Avatâra Ayuso, 2023, UK, 14'

Angel VR is a one to one virtual reality immersive choreography experience between the main character "angel" (a sophisticated warrior in an impossible world) and a single audience member. Angel VR has been developed in collaboration with Rose Bruford College UK, Angel VR has been developed using motion capture technology, Unreal and Maya software, Motion Builder and Marvelous Designer, using 3D sound to enhance the experience. The angel avatar is based on the real dancer and choreographer Avatâra Ayuso.


Wiola Sowa, 2024, PL, 6'15

"From my window, I can see a tenement house."

"The Tenement House" is a story about a rental tenement, which the narrator watches from the windows of her apartment. In the following sequences we wander with her through the apartments of the tenement she observes, which is an interpretation of the state of mind of the residents and the way they communicate with the world. And still... "On the first floor there is an apartment where no one lives."


Howool Baek, 2023, DE, 19'30

A virtual universe from body fragments. The new project by Seoul-Berlin based choreographer Howool Baek starts with a very unusual question: "Can we imagine the universe from which we ourselves come as something physical, but at the same time as something virtual?" This question reflects on the social circumstances of our contemporary society, which is characterized by a hybrid state of physicality and virtuality. In order to represent these two poles Baek devises an artistic strategy that combines dance with technology. From the BETWEEN_in VR an imaginary and deeply 'immersive' universe emerges, in which our body parts lead us to an unfamiliar world.


Lotte Huiyenga, 2023, NL, 3'25

Immerse yourself in Lotte Huizenga's visionary Virtual Reality exhibition. Working with her favorite medium, collage, Lotte utilizes materials ranging from old home videos to film photography from her exchange in Philadelphia, as well as her previous art university work, to blend diverse worlds into a unified whole. Weaving these materials with fragments of memory, identity, and cultural exploration, Lotte creates new realities piece by piece, whether by traditional means of paper and scissors or digitally.


Bambou Kenneth, UK, 2022, 9'

Based on the remarkable true story of an aspirational parent called Syd, and their groundbreaking journey through the adoption process in the UK, experiencing first-hand the highs and lows of a dream shared by so many. After years of setbacks and rejections, Syd gets matched with a child, Ollie, and in the process helps redefine the meaning of family.


Yini Yang, 2023, JP, 11'55

In a distant corner of the universe, amidst flowers, vines, and an endless expanse of crimson water, numerous placentas float. One of the placentas connects two fetuses, and in a flash of lightning, the placenta is divided into two halves. From one of the halves, a white-haired witch grows gradually, longing to find the other half of the fetus but unable to locate it. Consequently, it gives birth to a black-haired witch from its own body to coexist. One day, the black-haired witch embarks on a journey, leaving behind a letter documenting its travels for the white-haired witch. While waiting, the white-haired witch finds answers and returns to the primordial dream.