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74 min
Online: SAT 9.3., 19:00 / online available for 48 hours
Cinema: THU 7.3., 19:00  / METRO Kino, Historischer Saal 
+Q&A with Verena Repar, Lei Lei
FRI 8.3., 18:00 / METRO Kino, Pleskow Saal

The films translate into images what the body knows. Memories morph and mutate as filmmakers give expression to what is felt but left unsaid, experienced yet unseen. Evolving technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 3D programming complicate the gaze, as films critique the software that gave rise to them. Digital innovation is offset by analogue techniques including sand animation, acrylic paint and watercolour.


Verena Repar, 2023, AT, 19 minutes

Portraying the personal experience of a fatal loss, the film seeks to verbalise the unspeakable. A journey through phantasmagoric realms, oscillating between shadow and light, past and present, sorrow and solace.


Naomi Van Niekerk, 2023, FR, NL, and ZA, 8 minutes

Based on a poem of the same name by Ronelda Kamfer, who also provides the voice-over narration, Box Cutters is a film about violence: both violence against women and the violence of a world that has seen the same series of events so many times it has become desensitised to it.

*contains depiction of gender-based violence and images some viewers may find disturbing


Vitória Cribb , 2023, BR, 6 minutes

A bug, a car and a humanoid are stuck in a blank room. They desperately search for ways to escape from the agony and fear of being controlled by invisible entities in cyberspace. Exhausted, tense and terrified, they realise that something bigger is going on.


Lei Lei, 2022, CN, 7 minutes

Fluoroscopy uses X-rays to see movement inside the body. The microscope becomes a narrative device that brings surveillance and alienation into focus. The film oscillates between microcosm and macrocosm to highlight the irony of loneliness in an overcrowded environment.


Laura Vandewynckel , 2023, BE and NL, 14 minutes

On a sunlit square brimming with people, everybody is enjoying the light and the warmth. Until newspapers start floating down, gently spreading seeds of unrest amongst the sunbathers. Unrest turns into fear when a sudden eclipse clads the square in total darkness.


Jenny Jokela, 2023, FI, 6 minutes

Not available in Spain and Andorra.

A visual reflection on getting out of a harmful relationship and moving on. The title is a play on the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In this case there is no lemonade to be made, but the lemons still taste sweeter than what you left behind.


Carla Melo Gampert, 2023, CO and FR, 14 minutes

Being a daughter, being a mother, becoming a woman. In Bogota, a bird-girl leaves the family home, her domineering mother and her faithful dog behind to go and explore her sexuality.