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TRICKY WOMEN TRICKY REALITIES perceives itself as an inclusive, non-discriminatory and non-judgmental space for creative and personal exchange. Together, we want to create a space in which everyone feels welcome, and which is characterized by respectful cooperation. We want a festival where we respect our own boundaries and the boundaries of others, where we protect and support each other.This requires fair, open-minded, and supportive behavior on the part of everyone present. Participants, guests, the team and cooperation partners are therefore responsible for ensuring that TRICKY WOMEN TRICKY REALITIES is a place without discrimination and violence of any kind. With this in mind, we call on everyone to contribute to shaping this space and establish a zero-tolerance policy as a basic condition when it comes to harming people or exercising violence.


We are a member of the Keep Festive collective, that has been founded to help create safer spaces at festivals and events. The representatives work closely together with the shared goal of providing a friendly supportive and harassment-free environment for everyone.