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How did you enjoy the festival? (1= not at all, 5 = very much)
This festival took place in the cinema as well as online, how did you like our hybrid format?
Did you feel well informed about the festival (locations, filmprograms, starting times, ticket info etc.)?
Which film programs did you find most interesting?
How many film programs did you watch in the cinema?
How many film programs did you watch online?
What other festival events did you visit/watch?
The online single ticket costs 3,90€ and our online festival pass costs 30€. How satisfied are you with our pricing? (1= not at all, 5= very satisfied)
What is your main motivation for visiting our festival?
Do you work in the field of animation/ in the industry?
Do you live in Vienna?
Do you live in Austria?
Where is your current place of residence?
What is your age?
Do you have any other feedback, comments, critic, wishes, compliments, ideas? Were your expectations met? What did you enjoy, what was missing? Please let us know!

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