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69 min
Wed. 8.3., 20:00
+ Q&A / online available for 48 hours

Voyages through private archives and childhood memories, visiting homes, families and relationships. A collection of fragmented moments of privacy and closeness, but also frigidity and alienation. How to place these fading recollections in the present? The films tell of memories and emotions that are caught in the tension between proximity and distance. As these private stories unfold, the connections between social structures and personal experiences are explored, opening up a space to relate and find collective points of reference.


Suchana Saha, 2022, IN, 4 minutes

A woman is in search of herself. She discovers unpleasant truths and childhood traumas as she deals with her fragmented reality and comes to terms with the oneliness, madness and emptiness within herself.


Sophia Bazalgette, 2022, EE, 6 minutes

Using a copy machine to degrade images and video from her personal archive, the filmmaker takes viewers through fading recollections of the past. Memory is an unreliable reproduction – a copy of a copy.


Zhi Xuan Lin, 2022, TW, 5 minutes

We are always going faster on the way back home. In the experiments carried out at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the protons apparently only exist for a billionth of a second, travelling at approximately the speed of light. Feelings are broadcasted like the passing of time.


Seung-eon Yi, 2021, US, 9 minutes

A girl is searching for her mother in a grocery store and in a forest. At the end of the forest, she comes across passages from her mother’s life.


Lei Chen, 2022, US, 5 minutes

An examination of family, connection, and freedom full of frenetic lines and vivid colors. In a family that raises pigeons for sport and consumption, each generation holds a different feeling towards the birds that surround them.

굿바이, 드라마! / GOODBYE, DRAMA!

Ji-hye Min, 2022, KR, 7 minutes

A poetic film about love, solitude, and emotional independence.

缸 / JAR*

YiKang Xiong, 2022, CN, 6 minutes

Through the glass of its aquarium a fish peeks into a woman's home, becoming a witness to her daily life but also the violence she is subjected to.

* contains depiction of gender-based violence and images that some viewers may find disturbing


Julia Siuda, 2021, PL, 6 minutes

Growing anger, frustration and aggression seek an outlet. The film’s heroine is someone who loses control of her anger. Losing herself in her emotions, she cannot stand the tension.


Katarzyna Miechowicz , 2022, PL, 8 minutes

How many plastic bags do you need to pack one banana? Where do we come from? And should I shower with my socks on? The protagonists in these animated epigrams are trapped in a loop of absurdity. Some try to make sense of the nonsense – others simply ignore it.


Yangchen Thapa, 2022, IN, 9 minutes

An old man lost in his memories is interrupted by his granddaughter. She brings chaos but also a potential for healing past wounds.


Xiaoyan Zheng & Xiaopeng Jiao, 2021, FR, 5 minutes

A man who is dead wants to come back home.