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68 min + Q&A
Online: Wed. 9.3., 19:00
online available for 48 hours
Cinema: Thu. 10.3., 19:00
(Historischer Saal)
Q&A moderated by Djamila Grandits
with Marion Täschler (ALLESWASICHBERÜHRE) and Irena Jukić Pranjić (REAL BOY)

Fri. 11.3., 18:00 (Pleskow Saal)

Tactile and sensual, Competition 1 showcases the kinetic energy intrinsic to animation. Through this movement, audiences are brought into the frame through a haptic sensibility. Bodies morph, evolve and absorb one another. The films’ materiality reflects the layers of the psyche, from superficial to subliminal, as filmmakers oscillate between watercolour, charcoal pencils and oil paints. We see intimacy and ‘animal’ instincts, as subject and object encounter one another.


Michaela Grill, 2021, [country], 7 minutes

Cinema not only records movement, but lets us see what is imperceptible to the naked eye. Magnification reveals cellular processes; time-lapse and slow motion make the bursting of pollen and sprouting of flowers visible to human perception. Here, the history of cinema and science intersect.


Yoriko Mizushiri, 2021, [country], 6 minutes
This film is not available in DE

Rounded human forms touch everyday objects that threaten the body. The anticipation of an encounter with a jagged edge generates the anxiety referenced in the film’s title. Yet each new threat is eventually resolved through a quietly serene and playful game of experimentation.


Marion Täschler, 2020, [country], 5 minutes

C yearns for intimacy, yet in that pursuit pushes people away. But C does not give up. Again and again, she tries to find the tenderness she seeks. ‘Everything I touch, everything I feel, is nothing but a fantasy. A Milky Way mote of dust in the galaxy.’


Mel Arranz, 2021, [country], 7 minutes

There’s a special kind of intimacy that comes from skin to skin contact, hard to explain but easy to experience. Between lines and shapes, from follicle to molecule, hands touch, exploring and experiencing each other, wanting to break down the boundaries between their skin.


Chaerin Im, 2021, [country], 6 minutes

The history of masculinity begins with the Minotaur, a mythical creature Picasso portrayed in his etching print series. The Minotaur goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and the boundaries of the sexes disappear.


Renee Zhan, 2021, [country], 3 minutes

Two former lovers bump into each other at a train station. Subliminal urges are unleashed and restrained under thinly veiled politeness. Renee Zhan’s work explores issues of the body, nature, and sexuality – a powerful dance of libidinous desire rendered here through watercolour, charcoal pencils and oil paints.


Irena Jukić Pranjić, 2021, [country], 8 minutes

Mira works in a large office. She is obsessed with fictional secret agent James Bond and projects this type of masculinity onto a co-worker, Spasoje, who she falls in love with at first sight. Is the dream better than the reality?


Andrea Szelesová, 2021, [country], 11 minutes

In an allegorical tale about the hardships of letting go, a little girl takes care of her gigantic sister trapped in the middle of a deserted land. This signals the end, and a new beginning.


Boyoung Kim, 2021, [country], 15 minutes

In a world where everything you need can be rented from huge vending machines and all human interaction has been commodified, a young woman wants to be a guitarist, even if everyone else has other plans for her. A lyrical film about pursuing your passion.